Digital Learning Content

E-learning and M-learning

We make dry classroom-based learning content interesting in digital learning (e-learning and m-learning) with rapid content authoring tools – Articulate Storyline and Rise. Learners learn through interactive content, game it up in scenario-based learning and read eco-friendly digital books. Simultaneously, our team is able to repurpose the content for delivery on global marketplaces for learning like Udemy, expanding your target market.

Learning Technology Systems

Learning Management System

A learning management system is the bones and brains of the digital learning content. We customise the usability and accessibility of open-source learning platforms, such as Moodle, to improve user satisfaction. The Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM)- and Application Programming Interface (API)-compliant system include features such as user segregation, user authentication, content management, collaborative tools, multilingual capability, tracking of learning progress, competencies-based grading, and detailed reporting. Advanced gamification features may be integrated to drive students’ / participants’ motivation in learning.

Education / Training Management System

Our education/ training management system streamlines the paperless administration of education institutions and training organisations. A tool that automates back-office processes, including management learner-related information, tracking of attendance, building of student schedules / training calendar, documentation of results, for learners and staff. It may be complemented by our learning management system.

Web and Mobile App Development

Your website reflects your branding on the Internet. It is also your doorstep for your audience across the globe. We are here to create visually appealing and functional websites and mobile apps, so your educational / training products are accessible across the globe and learners may learn on the go.