Smorboll (Swedish name of Globeflower) is a learning technology company founded in 2017 by a Technologist and a Pracademic. We offer unique learning solutions to education institutions, training organisations and businesses, elevating learning experiences through technology. Our dedicated team of industry experts with interdisciplinary experiences in pedagogy, andragogy and technology enables us to undertake turnkey learning solutions from conceptualisation to development and delivery.

Our mission is to

Make Digital Learning Inclusive

We believe in collaboration, which is why we partnered with Skubbs Inc. to offer digital branding and marketing training to Professionals, Managers and Executives in Philippines. If you would want to represent us and resell our services and/or digital branding and marketing training, contact us at hello@smorboll.com. If possible, state the collaborative opportunity and role of each party in the e-mail.



Always on the search for the perfect formula to boost the interactivity of digital learning


A motivated self-starter with a strong desire to learn; dives into self-discovery of digital learning world when opportunity knocks


A master in interpersonal skills with a hardy attitude who takes problems in his stride